This is where it all begins. For some it is farming, others building of a residential or holiday home or a commercial property. For others still, it might be for land banking because the promise of a better return on the investment outweighs that of saving with your commercial bank. Land investment presents a low risk opportunity to grow your wealth. It is low risk because land is relatively not prone to the vulgaries of nature or man-made negative impacts. With land, you can only expect increase in value from value addition or what most land bankers hope for, appreciation.

2. Site Visit

Site Visit

This may coincide with open days or happen on other days of the week as organised by our Logistics Department. Our site visits happen on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. We ensure your travel is comfortable, making sure you have clean bottled drinking water, good food and if visiting our projects in Malindi, a chance to visit the beach for free.

site visit
3. Payment


Depending on your preferred payment plan and number of units you’re interested in, you pay a deposit at the very beginning of the ownership process. If you pick the flexible payment plan, you commit to pay the balance after paying the deposit from the principal amount across a period of 6 months. Each payment made to us is receipted and in the sad event of loss of your copies of the receipts, we are able to reprint them from our system. Together with receipting of all payments, you get a text from us detailing the transaction.

4. Title Deed Processing

Title Deed Processing

The first document you sign with us is the offer letter. Once signed, the second document is the sale agreement. This is a legal document between you the investor and we the investment company. The next legal document you receive is the transfer form. At the point of sale, we legally hold all land projects in our name. The transfer document legally initiates the official transfer from us to you. It is this that precedes the processing of your title deed at the land registry. This process is enshrined in the Land Registration Act, No 3 of 2012, Section 108.

5.Title Deed Issuance

Title Deed Issuance

Upon receipt of title deeds from the Land Registrar’s, we notify you via text, call, mail and our socials. The title deeds are ready for collection at our offices. In the event you’re unable to reach our offices, or are not in the country, we make arrangements with you to ensure your title deeds get to you at your convenience. In the past, we have excluded the title deed fee from the principal amount which means that upon clearance of balances, we asked that you add the fee ahead of collection or issuance. However, moving forward, our land prices will be inclusive of the title deed fee. The implication of this will be that once you are done paying up, you will receive your copy once they’re delivered from processing.

You will have complete insight into what bugs are being worked on, what are pending, which ones are ready to reviewed by your team and upon successful completion they can be moved into the completed bin.

6. Investors’ Day

Investors’ Day

Every year, we invite you to celebrate milestones with us as we give an account of past and current projects. The event features issuance of thousands of title deeds for the different projects. We treat our investors to great entertainment and hospitality while at it as we thank you for confidence and investment with us. The event is broadcast via partner media stations for investors unable to attend physically. Look forward to this year’s investor’s day and our 5th year anniversary.