Construction of Thika-Garissa Dual carriageway

Unlike roadside traders and everyday hawkers who take advantage of traffic jams, the rest of us Kenyans prefer smooth sailing when using our roads. The situation can feel tiresome and excruciatingly inconvenient when you get caught in traffic when in a hurry for a meeting, work, or an appointment or simply taking forever and a half to get to a place so close and yet, because of the traffic, so far. Minutes turn to hours as traffic takes you through a class on patience in the school of character development.

If you live in or around Thika or have used the Thika Garissa Highway, then you are no stranger to the heavy traffic characteristic of the road. Whether driving in or out of the busy town, you are bound to get into the traffic snarl-up witnessed daily. A short trip to or from nearby towns; Makongeni, Kilimambogo, or Saika can quickly turn into an hour-long journey. Unpleasant and most undelightful, and don’t get started on the economic loss incurred sitting in traffic.

Thika is home to a number of industries. As with any industrial centre, residential areas mushroom in the neighbourhood to cater to increasing populations as well as provide necessary amenities. Rural-urban migration does not help reduce the pressure on land as a resource, coupled with an increase in population growth. Add a growing middle class to the mix whose income grows as a result of gainful employment. Now, add the need to run away from an increased cost of living to the matrix. Traffic to and from the north of Kenya and parts of the eastern region use this road as a connector. What do you get? Consistent, exponential demand for land, both for residential and agricultural use. Thus, heavy traffic.

It is in the backdrop of these factors that the government set aside funds to expound the Thika-Garissa highway. A Kes 5.5b investment will see an end to the traffic nightmare residents of the region, commuters, and transporters using the road suffer. The 15km road expansion project is being undertaken by KENHA.

Investing in Matuu is not futuristic. And even if it was, the future has arrived. Thanks to the ongoing expansion of the highway.

Road users are not the only ones set to benefit from the road from reduced congestion on the roads. Land investors up the road stand to also reap great benefits. As with any infrastructural project, the expansion will create jobs. Financial compensation for persons moved to make way for the expansion is already on track. Expect land prices to increase as a result of increased demand. High traffic is a deterrent to investment and settlement. This demand surge will improve the investment index of the environs making Matuu an ideal investment destination. Road expansion will in turn lead to increased road use which in turn will increase demand for hospitality and accommodation services along the highway. Matuu is the hub of all transit activity along this road. What this means is business and economic activity in and around Matuu will get a boost thanks to what economists call the multiplier effect. Every shilling invested in, say infrastructure, has a 5x effect on the economy. Do the math.

We have an amazing product for land investors to consider. After finishing the sale of Dhahabu Plains Phase 1 and 2, we present you Phase 3. 50x100 plots are going for a price of Kes 350k. That is our cash offer. We also have a flexible and friendlier payment plan where you get to pay a deposit of Kes 50k and pay a balance of Kes 350k over 10 months all interest-free. Both payment plans are title deed fees inclusive. We have ensured that you get value for every shilling you spend on this investment project.

Features include:

  • A one-of-a-kind manned access gate.
  • 9m wide access roads, all murram compressed.
  • Solar-powered street lights.
  • Trees planted along access roads.
  • Well-done beaconing.
  • An electric perimeter fence; and
  • A borehole supplies sufficient water supply.

The soils are great for farming. Also, investors can consider building getaway homes next to our Dhahabu Lodge coming up soon.

Reach our land bankers for more information, and/or questions.

Welcome to the future.

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