6 Reasons Why Investing In Real Estate in Kenya Is A Win-Win Situation.

Kenya is open for business. The industry of Kenya is a mixture of local free markets, foreign investments, and global market demand. The government is pro-business, striving to grow the economy to provide the national citizens with a long-term better life. It is no secret that property investment offers one of Kenya's most stable investment opportunities. Investors are increasingly drawn to investing in real estate because of its numerous and exciting benefits. Whether you are a local or foreign investor, Kenya offers many fantastic prospects for building a profitable property portfolio. Here are six reasons why one should invest in Kenyan real estate:

Reasons why you should invest in Kenyan Real Estate

  1. New Constitution that introduced Devolution
  2. In 2010, Kenya made a giant stride in democracy when it adopted a new constitution. One of the many changes that came with this was Devolution. Devolution meant that people go back to work in their local counties. Many are moving there permanently, which has led to a surge in property prices. Experience in other countries has shown that Devolution can bring development closer to the people and enhance the participation of citizens in the decision-making process. Devolution can also boost efforts towards implementing socio-economic programs that re-direct essential public resources from the central government to the local authorities and citizens at large, who are the rightful owners of state power and resources.

  3. Real estate investment in Kenya is straightforward.
  4. Many property investors join in with no intentions to generate wealth, but they buy a plot or house for them to live in and realize that the value of their property has increased, and now, it is worth something significant. Don't be left behind; join the Real Estate movement.

  5. Genuine and reliable Real Estate Companies
  6. In Kenya today, the number of real estate companies is increasing by the day, accustomed to the growing middle class and economy. These companies have made it easier for people to invest in real estate. However, it is always advisable to work with genuine and reliable Real Estate companies such as Dhahabu Land Ltd. As a rapidly-growing Real Estate company in Kenya, Dhahabu Land Ltd has very affordable and reliable properties all over the country. These include Nairobi, Matuu, Makutano, Malindi and Embu among other locations.

  7. Availability of Financing Options for property
  8. If you want to invest in the property market, lack of funds should no longer hold you back. The real estate market in Kenya is flourishing for commercial and residential properties. In Kenya, asset financing is available for existing real estate and greenfield projects. In addition to property financing, asset financing is also available and can be obtained from a bank or other reputable institutions. Collateral requirements are generally flexible, allowing you to use your cash flow to settle the loan instead of stressing about meeting your payment commitment.

  9. Good Infrastructure
  10. Infrastructure development has skyrocketed investment in Kenya in recent times. People are buying and renting properties in towns all over the country. Infrastructure is one of the most critical factors affecting property development investment. The availability of amenities such as good roads, water, electricity, and security is essential when investing.

  11. Good economic conditions
  12. Kenya is still one of the most attractive business destinations in Africa. Kenya's investment climate and regional position make the country an attractive destination for regional and pan-African FDI. The World Bank's 2020 "Doing Business report" ranks Kenya at number 56 out of 190 economies reviewed, with continued improvements in regulations and the government's "Big Four" Agenda, which focuses on health, housing, agriculture, and manufacturing. Recent investment has also been seen in the ICT sector.

If you're looking to invest in property and build a profitable portfolio over time, then Kenyan real estate is a sure bet. With its beautiful scenery, rich history, and promising future, Kenya is becoming a serious force to be reckoned with in the real estate world. Plus, it has several attractive incentives for investors that only sweeten the deal. It's time to take advantage of these opportunities - as they grow more rare by the day - so you can reap the numerous benefits that come with them.

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