Why Choose Dhahabu Land Limited?

For over a decade, we have made it possible for Kenyans of all economic statuses to acquire parcels of land at affordable rates. Here is why you should consider partnering with Dhahabu Land Limited.

  • Affordable Rates

From as low as KSH 50000, you can acquire a piece of land across different counties in the country.  You can also enjoy our flexible payment plans that allow you to make partial payments in monthly instalments. 

  • Expert Advice

We have a team of over 70 experts working across the country in over 42 counties. Regardless of where you are based, there will always be a suitable expert ready to address your needs.

  • Value-Added Properties

We have an outstanding experience in facilitating the sale and purchase of properties, including commercial, agricultural, and new-build developments. When you purchase a property through Dhahabu Land Limited, you are assured of a package that appreciates within a short span.

  • Great Leadership

All our services and processes are managed in line with our core values, thanks to our Board of Management that ensures each of the company’s values are adhered to.

  • Company Structure

Dhahabu Land Limited follows a flat management structure in expediting the decision-making process. With this kind of structure, we have been able to deliver our services to the best interest of our customers.

  • The Dhahabu Day

join Dhahabu Land Limited as we tour the country and give yourself a taste of what it is like to partner with us. We take you through an encounter of our property consultancy services, property advisory, and land valuation process. 

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